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Sharp’s is the cleanest, most nutritious mini pig food you’ll ever find. Plus, we offer a huge selection of fine swine accessories… everything you need for the care and feeding of your beloved pet pig.  

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We put 20 years of nutritional know-how into Sharp’s brand chicken feed. Because better feed means better eggs. Sharp’s is made with clean, non-GMO ingredients, grown right here in Oregon. Never any fillers, additives, or pesticides.

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All the dog food brands that we offer are just as clean and nutritious as our homemade mini pig food. We choose only the best for your best friend, including Evanger’s, First Mate, Addiction, Small Batch and Real Meat.

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Cats need clean protein from meat, plus taurine and moisture. Not cheap carbs like wheat and corn. Our cat collection includes many protein-rich cat food options as well as cat toys and cat care products.

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Rabbits are strict vegetarians. Hay is their #1 staple, and they love anything they’d find in your garden. But they also benefit greatly from Sharp’s rabbit food made with Eastern Oregon alfalfa and pumpkin.

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Sharp’s Hampster feed is a healthy alternative to a pelleted diet and is perfectly suitable for Hampsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. Sharp’s contains no GMOs or additives and is fortified with stabilized vitamin C. Only the best for your tiniest  pets.

Loving care and good nutrition for your pets.

Back when Ed and Christabeth Sharp were breeding mini pigs it was hard to find high-quality feed. The stuff that local farmers used just wasn’t right for their lovable litters of household pets. So they decided to make their own homemade, mini pig food.

Christabeth spent years studying pet nutrition, testing recipes and tracking the response from their pigs. It was right up her alley. The end result is the most nutritious mini pig food on the market. Even the pickiest pigs love it.

Sharps family with their mini pigs Christabeth with her dog

Sharp’s mini pig food is made with locally grown, minimally processed ingredients plus pumpkin oil for its high vitamin E content, Lysine, and our own, unique mix vitamins and minerals.

What’s left out is also important… Sharp’s has no fillers, no soy, no corn, no GMOs and no animal byproducts. And we don’t use cheap vegetable oil… only the best pumpkin oil.

That’s the nutritional standard for all the products at Sharp’s Pig & Pet. We offer Sharp’s brand whenever possible, and we carefully choose all the other brands for their strict standards and short ingredient lists. It’s healthy stuff for small pets of all kinds.

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