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No, you can only purchase Sharp's from us, or on Amazon. Please keep in mind that if you purchase on Amazon, your order will still ship directly from Sharp's. Sharp's is committed to maintaining the quality and integrity of our Brand.

The amount  you should feed your Mini Pig is based on body condition, activity level, and all foods your Mini Pig eats in a day. We are happy to help. We need some information to better assist you. Please send us pictures of your Mini Pig, front, hind, and side views, how much he/she is currently eating, including veggies, grazing time, snacks and amount of current Mini Pig food.

It is very common for Mini Pigs to have constipation issues, feeding a Sharp's and adding Canned pumpkin to your pigs daily food intake can help remedy these issues. We at Sharp's strongly recommend canned pumpkin as part of every Mini Pigs daily diet. It is very safe and is packed full of nutrients for your mini pig as well. Start with 1/4 cup a feeding and increase or decrease as needed.

Sharp's recommend de-worming your miniature pig every 6 months. Using Ivermectin 2% injectable solution. Dose with first dose then following up in 14 days. Also using Safe-Guard fendabendazole 10% Goat Dewormer.


Our team is here to help! We have many options and can help you choose the right diet for your pet and budget.

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