Lollycadoodle Ring Toy

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Handmade by trained artisans in Kathmandu who are paid a fair wage for their craft and work under safe and pleasant conditions. Made without poly-fill or squeakers these toys are safe and completely biodegradable after your pet is done with them. Pattern may vary by color.

These durable, washable and all natural toy rings are made with renewable wool. Dogs and cats love the smell of natural wool and the warm, snuggly feel of these all natural pet toys that are biodegradable and best of all durable. Each ring is handmade through a process called felting which involves agitating hand-dyed New Zealand wool with soap and water until the desired shape is formed. The final product is a soft yet durable toy that pets are naturally attracted to.

Size: Select Small 7.5" or Large 10" diameter

Color: Color varies