Better Belly Dog 8 ounces

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Introducing Better Dog Belly, a holistic solution designed to bring relief to upset doggy tummies. This unique blend comprises Microencapsulated Probiotics, Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes, and Yucca, all working harmoniously to soothe digestive discomfort.

Embrace the power of nature with its all-natural ingredients, tailored to support digestive harmony for a happier pup. Vitamin E lends its support for skin and overall health, while yucca offers a calming touch to the digestive tract. Whether in everyday feeding or during stressful times like travel, this supplement is your trusted ally.

Feeding Instructions: Just sprinkle once daily on your dog's food, with 1 scoop per 20lb dog.

Choose Better Dog Belly and provide your canine companion with the relief and care they deserve. Available in an 8-ounce package.