Humble beginnings with homemade mini pig food

Sharp’s Pig & Pet is all about what’s best for you and your little pets. The best food. The best care products. The best accessories… everything you need to keep them happy and healthy.

We are Ed and Christabeth Sharp, and it all started when we were breeding mini pigs.

We were very passionate about their health, but it was impossible to find high-quality feed in our town. The stuff the local farmers used just wasn’t adequate for the nutritional needs of our little pigs. (There’s a big difference between meat pigs and pet mini pigs.)

So we decided to make our own, home made mini pig food. We studied pet nutrition, tried all sorts of different recipes, and we tested them on our own mini pigs. The difference was dramatic.

Our formula produced pigs that were more vibrant, more content, and visibly healthier. Even our pickiest pigs loved it. It changed their lives  — and ours — forever.

The business blossoms.

We couldn’t believe the response when we started selling Sharp’s Mini Pig Food to other breeders across the country. Everyone loved it, and just started gobbling up everything we could make.

It wasn’t long before we had to find a production partner to help us keep up with all the demand.

Once we established a loyal customer base of mini pig lovers, we started getting a lot of questions like, “do you have anything for my chickens?”

So we decided to apply our nutritional knowledge to other lines of pet food, including chicken feed, rabbit feed and even dog food.

We know what your pets need to stay healthy, and we carefully select every product that we offer on our ecommerce store. Never anything with animal by-products, fillers or cheap carbs like soy and corn.

Whether it’s dog-training tools, mini pig accessories, piggy swag, or even CBD products for your pet, you’ll get nothing but the best at Sharp’s Pig & Pet.

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Edward Sharp


Christabeth Sharp


Josilyn Sharp

Operations Manager & Pet Lover

Josilyn Joined Team Sharp 4 years ago, and has been a special part of the family business ever since. You will find Josilyn spending time with her family and pets when she is not working. She loves all animals, is involved in fostering for our local shelters, and enjoys spending time with her own animals Clutch, Oakley and Bennie!

Becky H. AKA Gran

Sharps Special Teams & Pet Lover

Becky lovingly known as Gran, joined Team Sharp 4 years ago, without Gran Sharps would not have the amazing handmade products that we do! When Gran is not handcrafting products for your pets, she is spending time with Papa (her husband) children, grandchildren and her Standard Poodle Gibson.

Elvira and Mortica

Sharp’s Food Critics 

Elvira and Mortica are Sharp's Pig and Pet food critics. We hold the opinions of these two ladies at the highest regard. They are the pickiest eaters we have ever come across. They will not eat the same thing two meals in a row, sometimes not the same meal twice in a week. Having excellent healthy choices for the girls is so important to us and to pass on to all of you.  If the girls won't eat it, we will not endorse it!

These ladies are very active girls, love the water, playing chase and hide in seek, are both AKC CGC certified, earning titles for all 3 certificates, are world travelers,  and registered Service dogs. They continue to train to improve skills to help everyone they meet, even if it is just a smile to brighten a passer bys day. 


Warehouse Security Manager 

Gomez is the newest addition to our team. He keeps a close eye on all the operations at Sharp’s Pig & Pet. He goes on duty at night, keeping all the unwanted intruders out. Gomez is always happy to greet you, eager for pets and to be held. He is our most vocal team member. Gomez Chooses his paycheck/meals from the quality cat food Sharp’s endorse.