Lollycadoodle Snake Toy

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Lollycadoodle Boiled Wool Dog Toys brightly colored and 18″ long! This snake won’t bite, but is perfect for games of tossing and tugging. It is made using 100% natural wool along with natural dyes. It is handmade by artisans in Nepal using a felting process which has been used for centuries to produce a durable material that is odor and dirt resistant. Wool is a sustainable material that is digestible, which is great for dogs that may accidentally ingest parts of toys. Lollycadoodle toys are proudly made in a fair-trade facility. Price is for 1 toy, image is to show an variety of colors you may receive. Colors Vary, Please let us choose what color to send.

Product Benefits:

  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Great for Tugging
  • 100% Boiled Wood
  • Natural Dyes
  • Fully Digestible
  • Fair Trade
  • Renewable Resource

Size: Select Small 18" or Large 24"

Color: Color varies